"Les Messieurs Infernales"

Presented above are two surviving etchings created by an acquaintance of the aforementioned “Hell’s Gentlemen”, who respectively chose to be identified as Rawfellow and Powderboy. Present at and mingling with rebellious elements during the Revolution in France, the inestimable gentlemen were known to provide assistance in the downfall of the monarchy and it’s aristocratic trappings, frequently in exchange for seemingly useless dross such as the handkerchief of a specific noble or cuts of meat in certain shapes, but were also known to request more significant payments in the form of the grim fruits of the guillotine. Although Rawfellow, on the left, was sighted several times in the next 100 years and is presumably still extant, Powderboy was observed to violently combust in a square in Paris when accosted by  a gentleman dressed entirely in red brandishing, according to witnesses “A stuffed dove with a miniature crown” and has not been seen since.



being nice to people who are harassing you is a survival tactic. girls learn this by the time they turn 12, if you flat out tell a guy no, he’ll become angry & the situation will get worse, sometimes even violent. you are taught to be nice and let them down easy, which then you are accused of “leading them on”. There is no winning, you just got to choose which you find less horrible.